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she got married and bought a simulated TPE sex doll

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However, a woman in the United Kingdom found that she was infertile during the premarital examination. She has no way to have a child in her life. Although the fiance doesn’t care about this, she is very conscious that she can’t give her fiance a complete family. At the same time, she also wants to have one. Girl realistic sex dolls, unfortunately, the dream has never been shattered!

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In order to realize this wish, she got married and bought a simulated TPE sex doll. Her husband also agreed with her approach and thought that as long as she was happy. She would try her best to take care of this simulated physical doll every day, just like her own child, putting her in a crib, sleeping next to it, in the bathtub, bathing her, reading ancient poems to him for breakfast, and teaching her to read.

Although this physical doll will never grow up, can not learn any knowledge, will not cry like other children, but the cheap TPE sex doll is so delicately crafted, as if it is alive, she is happy every day, and treat her as a Part of the family has also improved a lot.

After buying a sex doll, please take good care of your sex doll. Although sex dolls are not real people, they look exactly like real people. At the same time, she is expensive, so if you want to use your sex doll for a long time, please protect her. One of the most vulnerable reasons for sex dolls is to subject them to severe, dry shocks. Therefore, we recommend that you use lubricant as much as possible when using mini sex dolls. Many friends think that silicone or TPE such as sex dolls will be damaged by lubricants. Here, I can tell you very responsibly that lubricant will not cause sex dolls


Regarding sex and love, I often cannot distinguish them well. Yes, I believe that everyone in this world is the same. Who can do not have sex with his boyfriend or girlfriend? I believe that this is something that no one can do. At the same time, it is difficult for us to have sex without love. According to official survey statistics, most of the derailment between men and women is caused by sex, isn’t it? I think this is a nonsense, no, no, it’s not. When most people have sex with their lovers on their backs and other people for the first time, their ideals are not love, but sex, just for pure physical pleasure. At this time, they are only derailed physically, not mentally, which means that when they make love to others, their ideals are their partner, not the object of the derailment. After experiencing multiple physical derailments, they will eventually be mentally derailed due to the pleasure of sex. I think in many cases cheating is caused by momentary thoughts. In fact, why don’t we buy a sex doll to give to our lovers, through sex dolls to keep the lover fresh, this is not killing two birds with one stone, one is to keep each other The freshness between the two is that it will not tarnish each other’s bodies. You can read more novels to verify the authenticity of what I said.

After the doll became a tool for expressing various ideas in the hands of the surrealists, the development path of the doll completely deviated in their hands, and its true practical value was ignored by TPE dolls. After transforming the cute dolls, the distortion and transformation in order to achieve special political goals should be resisted and strongly criticized.

However, after the start of World War II, as the Axis and Allied powers entered global wars, men ran away from home for a long time, and the pressure of the war caused them to overindulge their sex lives. Unfortunately, many soldiers were infected. Venereal disease. In order to improve combat effectiveness and reduce risks in this regard, Heinrich Himmler decided to develop a series of clean and Silicone Love Doll and set up doll studios on the front lines of the war to reduce the risk of soldiers contracting venereal diseases through regular disinfection. .
The German SS rushed to the front, and the logistics unit followed the army with a truck full of dolls. After ambushing the logistics forces, the Allied forces harvested a large number of dolls. It's ridiculous to think about this scene.


Pregnancy is a factor that leads to happiness for any family, but the entire pregnancy takes about 280 days, which is a relatively long time. According to statistics, nearly 80% of extramarital affairs occur during this period. How to reduce this situation and how to solve the physical problems of men during pregnancy?

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I am a college student in 1999, and my girlfriend is my college classmate. We have been in love since a long time ago, but one day, a super big cock came to the class, and my girlfriend became obsessed with his big cock. Since then, I have been estranged from me. I don’t go home almost every night. I have sex with that big cock every day. I feel frustrated with my girlfriend, so I completely broke up with him. One day I surfed the Internet aimlessly and learned about something called a sex doll, so I browsed a lot of stories about sex dolls. I was deeply in love with this product. I wrote the story between me and sex dolls. The novel is published on many websites. If you are a person who is emotionally frustrated, you can go and read my story. Maybe you will fall in love with sex dolls just like me.

We know that men are most likely to cheat during women's pregnancy, and pregnant mothers during this period are also under a lot of psychological pressure. They seem to be more sensitive to the behavior of their husbands, which is also the main reason for couples' relationship problems. So how to solve the physical problems of men during pregnancy is worth thinking about?


Some netizens provided such a solution. After the wife is pregnant, considering the man’s physiological problems during pregnancy, she will discuss with her wife to buy a silicone lover doll that can vent. This adult product is a very realistic and beautiful physical doll.

Netizens said that at the beginning they were just amazed that these big breast sex doll torso can be made so well, but they don’t like the feeling of making love very much inside, and gradually feel that it is very useful. It feels very curious. Where can my wife buy these shemale sex dolls? . Many netizens are envious of his wife's actions, and worry that this beautiful physical doll does not want to have sex with his wife in the future.

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