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How to Protect Internet Connection?

How to Protect Internet Connection?

With the development of the mobile GSM network, the mobile Internet is also growing. We are used to the normal internet, based on the TCP/IP protocol, but how does the mobile internet work

In order to connect to a mobile internet network, your smartphone only needs to "know" three parameters, which are: APN, login and password. An APN is an access point that a specific user uses to obtain a desired service, such as WAP, MMS, or the Internet. The whole connection process is divided into two steps:

1. GPRS Attach;

2. The PDP context is activated.
During the first stage (GPRS connection) your smartphone or table, it doesn't matter that it starts communicating with your operator's network. Your smartphone must then be authorized with the following parameters: IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and IMEI – to identify your device. Note that the IMEI is also checked against the list of stolen IMEIs at this time, and if someone who stole your phone will try to access the internet - the police will be notified.
So, you're authorized in the network, it's time to go to step 2. Well, PDP context activation is the process of creating a network tunnel between the smartphone, the gateway and the carrier network. After that, you can access the network. But be careful, the mobile internet is more dangerous than the traditional internet. The website may also collect your personal data.
Be aware that there is no real TCP/IP protocol in the mobile internet, all data is transmitted via the GTP protocol, which is also used for server-to-server communication in cellular networks. There are several types of GTP protocols: GTP-U - for transferring data, GTP-C for control sessions and GTP` (GTP Prime) - for transferring billing information. This protocol is the weakest link of the entire system, as the data is not encrypted and does not require any authentication.

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