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Count the strange adult sex doll weddings in the world


Count the strange adult sex doll weddings in the world
You may have heard of strange marriage customs all over the world. But, have you heard of a real sex doll wedding? Have you ever been involved?

Just like normal weddings for ordinary men and women, unusual weddings (such as weddings with physical dolls) have become one of the popular trends in today's society. All over the world, there are people (whether men or women) marrying "non-humans". In this article, we will discuss exactly these wedding examples. So, get ready to read these interesting stories.


A strange wedding in real life

Chavinak, a man from Los Angeles in the United States, turned out to be married to a mobile phone. He took a lot of trouble to hold the marriage ceremony and signed the marriage certificate. The wedding notary was surprised to say that this wedding is definitely the strangest of all the weddings I have ever witnessed.

Li Jinkui, a 28-year-old Korean-Japanese man, fell in love with the heroine of the Japanese anime "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" series printed on the pillow, Fett Testarosa, under the auspices of a Japanese priest, in Tokyo The wedding was held with this pillow!

A 35-year-old man from Tokyo, Japan announced that he will marry the Miku Miku sex doll and invited a total of about 39 friends to witness his wedding with Miku Miku. He was once bullied by a female colleague, which led to his suspension from his job, and suffered psychological trauma. Until later, when he heard Hatsune Miku, he fell in love with her at a glance.

An old man in Brazil who was nearly eighty years old fell in love with a goat of his family and spent nearly three years persuading his children, and finally got his wish and entered the marriage hall with the goat. The old man said that the goat "wife" is full of advantages. She is not like that nagging woman, and she will not have money worship...

Of course, in addition to the strange wedding above, let's take a look at an example of a real physical doll wedding!


Marry a mini sex doll

Felicity from the United States had a beautiful wedding with her miniature sex doll Kelly. The wedding cost a total of US$500, and Felicity’s family and friends and her other dolls were all guests of the wedding. She believes that Kelly is the love of her life, and that marrying a doll will make their relationship closer. She and the doll Kelly’s four-year relationship started a new journey through marriage, and now they are looking forward to raising a child with the donated sperm.

Married due to advanced cancer

According to reports, a man named Song Bo (transliteration) on Weibo once chose to marry a cheap realistic sex doll because he suffered from an intracranial arachnoid cyst. He is afraid of getting fettered with others, because he does not want to leave a widow or a child who has lost his father and cry for himself. The "newlyweds" put on various romantic poses and took several warm wedding photos. It can be seen that the doll is wearing a beautiful white wedding dress, and in another photo, it is wearing a lavender dress with rhinestones and sequins.


Synthetic love

David Carter believes that technology can bring love. He lives with his "wife" and "lover", both of whom are sex doll bbw. He bought his future wife Kareniko for $6,000 online. It is made of silicone, it is very soft, the structure of the body is very complete, and even has a fake tongue. They were not married legally, but they all wore rings engraved with the words "Love Forever". He is planning a wedding anniversary to celebrate the 15th anniversary. Elena is the "lover" that David bought later, a new member of the family, and the three of them are now living in an apartment in Michigan.

in conclusion

If we were to make a list of people who have intimate relationships with sex dolls, it will take much longer than you think. Whether it is a man or a woman, everyone is looking for a large number of simulated sex dolls to gain love and company. They are not only for the original function of the doll, but also shopping and playing like a real-life partner. In Japan, two uncles, Chiji Nakajima and Masayuki Ozaki, often take their confidantes for walks and shopping, which seems to be a common thing. With a doll by your side, you can also live a happy life, just like these doll buyers in real life.