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"Sex Doll" Classic Film Critics

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"Sex Doll" Film Review (5): Does the redeemer need to be redeemed?

   On a sultry Saturday afternoon, there was no plan at all until the film nine was completely unplanned and I finished watching the whole movie. After watching it, the first impression is that this film is really very different from the impression given by its packaging and posters. Everyone’s different life experiences and beliefs will actually cause different people to have different opinions when watching the same food, so I not only saw the helplessness and struggle of realistic sex dolls workers from this movie, but also saw a person engaged in the salvation industry. Tired and struggling. . .

   Only rupert is used as an example in this film to show the fatigue of people engaged in rescue sex workers. . . But I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. After watching this film, I also think of the tiredness of the workers who redeem other people, such as the rescue of clergymen who have alcohol and drug addiction problems, such as those in the spiritual industry and emergency rooms. There are many more medical staff, like the staff of charity organizations that save the poor sex doll torso. These people, they go to work with a sense of mission every day, and it is because of their love for the weak that they decide to enter this industry. But what they see every day is the saddest and darkest aspect of human nature.

Just like at the beginning of the film, we saw Rupert looking anxiously watching the video of the prostitute company selecting prostitutes. In the middle of the film, Rupert threw out big bags of wine bottles, and Rupert kept one by one from the beginning to the end of the film. Smoking, as well as the cry of the final Rupert's collapse and the ending saying "I think it's time for me to redeem myself" said to the hostess at the end, I personally feel that these are all signs that Rupert has burned out. Burn out in English is generally used to describe a person who has worked too hard at work and his work is also destructive to his body and mind, and finally collapsed. The direct translation means burn out, just like the fire of a person’s motivation for his work. It burned too hot and needed too much firepower, so it burned out in the end, leaving only ashes. I feel that Rupert in the film is at this stage. He is interested in saving these affordable sex dolls , but because of the dark side he sees every day and the fact that he cannot save everyone all at once, he has been sucked in like a black hole. I can’t extricate myself. . . That's why he had his final collapse and the idea to redeem himself.

This film actually has a lot more connotations than it looks. It not only reflects the darkness faced by sex workers, but also brings out a thinking about the redeemers who also need to be redeemed TPE love doll . The first point of the film is very straightforward and obvious. , But the second point is very, very subtle. If you don’t watch the entire film carefully, you won’t find the director’s inner struggle with the actor's details. . .