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Three principles of wearing jewelry

Wearing jewelry can only be three. This statement is like "Everyone should not have more than three colors." The "three" here emphasizes not quantity, but a reasonable combination.


The collocation of jewelry should be harmonious and set off each other. Otherwise, it will be too late, chaotic, and without focus.

1. Harmonious mix and match of jewelry

Wearing jewelry is no more than three. For modern people, this statement has long been outdated. As long as you pay attention to people who wear jewelry, you will find that they wear more than three pieces of jewelry casually. Some fashionable people have three rings or even more in one hand. Adding other accessories far exceeds the matching principle of "wearing jewelry but not three".


It can be said that "wearing jewelry is no more than three" emphasizes not the quantity of jewelry, but the style and category, which is the harmony and complement of jewelry.

Mix and match different types of jewelry, preferably no more than three. For example, you can mix and match multiple rings, bracelets, and necklaces... You can choose to match several categories according to the match, but it’s best not to mix and match all categories of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets at the same time. Wear it on the body at the same time.

Under normal circumstances, you will choose 2-3 categories to wear together, such as earrings + rings, earrings + necklaces, rings + bracelets, earrings + rings..., it is best not to exceed three categories, avoid a large set (earrings, necklaces, rings, leather bracelets) upper body, otherwise, the match is not good, it will be the scene of the disaster.


Mix and match jewelry of the same style. When mixing and matching jewelry, it is best to choose the same style or similar styles. Don't mix and match multiple styles, otherwise, it is easy to appear nondescript, unfocused, and styleless.

Harmonious mix and match of jewelry colors. The color of jewelry is often easily overlooked by us. When a variety of jewelry is mixed and matched, we should also pay more attention to the color matching of jewelry, as well as the matching of jewelry color and clothing.

Two, complement each other with the dress

Jewelry, as an extension of the dress, is for icing on the cake, so the matching of jewelry should complement the dress. The style of jewelry should be consistent with the dress, and the color should also be harmonious. If the clothing has rich colors and complex styles, choose simple accessories; if the clothing is of a single color, you can choose stud earrings with richer styles.


Pay attention to the occasion and choose matching jewelry. Different occasions and different identities should pay attention to different dresses. Similarly, different occasions need to pay attention to matching different jewelry.

Three, match your body type

Jewelry should promote strengths and avoid weaknesses for the body shape. When wearing jewelry, the rule of body shape is to make jewelry promote strengths and avoid weaknesses for one's body shape. When choosing jewelry, you should fully face your own physical characteristics, and strive to make jewelry wear for your own strengths, and avoid weaknesses. The body shape here includes the entire body shape, as well as the shape of the neck, wrist, and fingers. When we choose something, we always emphasize that we like it, but more importantly, it must be suitable. For example, people with a larger body are more suitable for heavy pendant naecklaces. The thinner ones are more suitable for small-sized jewelry.


In short, we don't have to worry too much about the number of jewels. Matching should be based on different ages and identities, and on different occasions, with jewelry of different materials, so that it is visually balanced, comfortable, and natural.