2021.11.29 Mon 更新

Low temperature irradiation time extends laser pointer irradiation time

By the way, when the temperature of the red laser pointer is low, it is difficult for the main body to maintain heat, which is a factor that prolongs the continuous irradiation time of the laser. Winter is very convenient for customers who want continuous irradiation for a longer period of time. If it is handheld, it can be used while heating with a stove, as if it can be used in snowy mountains. The point is that if you use it, the inside of the main body will not become hot or too cold, which will cause the laser pointer to prolong the irradiation time in most environments. The price of 1W at this wavelength is also quite low. It is still in the reservation stage, but please complete it as soon as possible. I have made an appointment, but the diode is still difficult to get, so if you place too many orders, it is expected that the delivery time will be extended.

Please check the actual power of the laser pointer

In addition, the dubious self-proclaimed laser 20000mw auctioned by Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo are quite cheap, but in actual use, it can be seen that they are not 1mW at all, and the individual differences are too large. The quality of the product itself is very poor, such as 10mW and 20mW, so it can not replace the demonstration. The infrared laser is basically invisible, but there are many orders from universities and research institutes. On the contrary, it is almost like that. After all, being a personal hobby may not be very interesting. I can't see it. However, I think it depends on the output, but the spot of the 808nm laser looks a bit red.

Customers' doubts

For demonstrations, lectures, seminars, etc., 5mW is very easy to use and recommend, but we have received many customers’ inquiries, "Are there any easy-to-see blue and 1mW colors?" The appearance is exactly the same, but the output is different. Choose your own preferences. Both attracted the audience’s attention for demonstration purposes and were asked "Where did you buy it?", so you will be happy to hear that you are demonstrating this product.

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