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What is wifi jamming ?

What is wifi jamming ?

Is wifi jammer legal?

WIFI jammers transmit on the opposite frequency. However, if the wifi signal jammer sends out a stronger signal, it can render the original signal unusable, making communication more difficult or no signal.

In WLAN, this means that the exchange of data packets can only work in an infinite range or not at all, and the actual data flow can no longer be properly combined. This can be a critical issue for devices performing safety-related duties.

However, jammers are perfectly normal in wireless technology. In the early 20th century, when the number of transmitters increased significantly, signals blocking machines interfered with radio signals. But even tomorrow, WLAN networks that transmit closely on the same radio channel will sometimes interfere with each other. However, the problem was not so severe that all data traffic was suspended.

The use of jammers is generally not prohibited. However, if at all, it can only be done with the permission of the authorities and in exceptional circumstances. This applies not only to WIFI jammers, but also to cell phones or bluetooth blockers. Casinos and casinos have long grappled with the problem of manipulating slot machines with mobile phones. It would be a legitimate interest for casino operators to use such equipment - as long as other communications outside the building are not interrupted. It is necessary to use as many short-range devices as possible to protect the outside world from interference.

The benefits of using a WiFi jammer at home.

With the popularity of smartphones, almost everyone will own a mobile phone. On the one hand, mobile phones facilitate communication between people. On the other hand, it reflects the development speed of science and technology and the progress of people's living standards. But because of the popularity of mobile phones, the relationship between people seems to be less and less close. Although mobile phones alienate the distance between people to a certain extent.

When the family is together, they also use mobile phones to play games and watch videos, which increases the face-to-face communication between people, and people use mobile phones to communicate more. Times are changing and people have some problems with communication, so how do they deal with them? You might think talking to him, he can't play on his phone and sit down and chat, but that seems like a dilemma. I think the best solution is to buy a wifi jammer, at home you just turn it on and it will block your signal so your kids can put their phone down and chat with you. Isn't this a better solution?
The most common signal jammers on the market today are cellular jammers and wireless wifi bluetooth jammer. Of course, many jammers are becoming more versatile and can jam signals from multiple frequencies. So you don't have to worry about the functionality of the jammer you buy.

WiFi can be set up and used in everyday life. But there are also big flaws. You can easily share information with your friends and colleagues. Information can easily be stolen by hackers, and to address this, a jammer was created. It maintains privacy and confidentiality. Deal with information theft.

Benefits of using wifi jammers in public areas

In public places, your phone may silently click on ads while connected to paid WiFi in the background. The release of the "China Public WiFi Security Report in the First Half of 2017", a new key for the WiFi network sharing platform, shows that in hotspot monitoring, more than 99% of the active network risks are manipulative advertisements clicked by users.

If some criminals steal your privacy through WiFi tethering platform, and you don't even notice that your information is leaked, it is very scary, so we should pay more attention to the security of electronic information, don't connect to the public for speed net, so we'll block the liar's door.

Public WiFi hazards ensure a one-sided cover-up of official secure WiFi. For example, the government has strengthened the operation and maintenance of public WiFi, which will greatly reduce the danger of public WiFi.

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