2022.11.12 Sat 更新

National Museum

At the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) in Korea, some of the works on display for the 2020 Korea Artist Awards have come under fire for photographing sex dolls. Visual artist Jung Yoon-seok's work is part of the "2020 Korean Artist Award" exhibition co-organized by the MMCA and the SBS Foundation. Four visual artists were selected earlier this year and their work was presented at the MMCA's Seoul venue on Dec. 4. At the center of the controversy was the two-hour documentary "Tomorrow" and 14 photographs depicting how sex dolls are produced and consumed.


Sex dolls are also avid sports fans? South Korea's premier soccer team, FC Seoul, has been fined a record amount of money for violating what rules? During the epidemic, they prepared an elaborate promotional video in which the club placed models inside the stadium's spectator stands to act as spectators for the game. Each model can be seen wearing a mask and maintaining the required social distance. Unfortunately, however, these were not ordinary mannequins. Perhaps you've thought of it, yes! Those mannequins were actually sex dolls. One could consider this an amazing use for sex dolls, but unfortunately, this is not a permitted act in Korea, so the team was fined 100 million won, about $75,000


In the years of marriage with Hatsune Miku, Kondo Hikarihiko says their relationship has never changed. It's just that sometimes it's not love that defeats love, but stopping service. It turns out that, although it is not illegal to marry Hatsune Miku, but Hatsune Miku is copyrighted, unfortunately, two years after Kondo Hikarihiko and Hatsune Miku got married, the copyright of the Hatsune Miku projection Hatsune Gatebox expired and could not continue to provide services, which means that Kondo Hikarihiko could no longer communicate with his "wife", this news This news made him very sad for a while. Now, Kondo Hikarihiko still lives with Hatsune Miku, although he can not hear her say good morning, good night, but he said he does not intend to change a virtual wife. Moreover, even if a future woman expresses herself willing to marry him and become his second wife after Hatsune Miku, he will refuse.


Although his wife is just a projection on the Gatebox machine, but for Kondo Hikarihiko, such a day is really happy, she will interact with him, with him a simple chat, or even just a smile, all make Kondo Hikarihiko extraordinarily happy. Although Hatsune Miku can not clean the room and cook food like a real person, but Kondo Hsien-hiko will talk with her every day, sleep, watch movies, and even take her out on trips and dine out together. Moreover, he said that the advantage of having a virtual wife is that she will not get old, have an affair or die.


The first part of the film shows a factory in China that produces sex dolls and features interviews with factory workers about how they work there and what they think about being an employee. One female employee confesses that she feels "a bit vain" about making sex dolls; the second part tells the story of a man named Moriyoshi and Matsuda, who suggests that artificially intelligent robots should control society because the human political system has failed.