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"Sex Doll" Classic Film Critics

Malika came to London, England, and changed her name to Vicente as a call girl... realistic sex doll The young Rupert was committed to saving a prostitute.

"Sex Doll" Classic Film Critics

"Sex Doll" Film Critic (4): Rescue Senior Prostitutes


Once, the old bustard Raphael handed a new underage prostitute Sophia to Vigenie to take care of him, and let the beater Cook drive the two into a mansion; unexpectedly, this time the client was a perverted couple. Father and son,-father and TPE sex doll son play prostitutes in the same bed. The newcomer Sophia couldn't bear the old man’s quirks and fought with the old man. In order to save Sophia, Vicenza also attacked the father and son... ran out of the courtyard, and the two were rescued by Rupert who had been following him. Sleeping with Rupert in the hotel... The next day, Victorine woke up to find Sophia was taken away by Rupert...


  Vigenie lied to the old bustard Sophia was afraid to run away alone. Although he was very angry at Victory’s mistake this time, the old bustard Raphael finally forgave her; but then Cook found through the hotel that Victory and Sophia were with a strange man that night black sex doll , Rafaelton. We must severely punish Vicente... Then, the relationship between Vicente and the old bustard was completely broken... When Cook chased Vicente, Rupert once again rescued Vicente...

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  Viccinie chose to leave London, and her former roommate Erretui informed Rupert of the news, and Rupert caught up with Victory on the train...

This film actually has a lot more connotations than it looks. It not only reflects the darkness faced by sex doll torso workers, but also brings out a thinking about the redeemers who also need to be redeemed. The first point of the film is very straightforward and obvious. , But the second point is very, very subtle. If you don’t watch the entire film carefully, you won’t find the director’s inner struggle with the actor's details. . .