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The knowledge that must be understood in the PCB industry

1. Peripherals

In the PCB electronics industry, it usually refers to other auxiliary equipment other than the computer host, such as printers, plotters, disk drives, etc. referred to as the periphery.

2. Rated temperature, voltage Rated temperature, rated voltage

It refers to the maximum working temperature and working voltage that electronic components can withstand within a period of time. It is worth mentioning that FS Technology, as the most powerful printed circuit board manufacturer in China, has a strong ability in the electronic pcb components procurement. You can see the specific service process on our website.


3.SI Internation Sytem of Units

International system of units, the abbreviation of Metric System, the original French writing is Systime International d'Units, so it is abbreviated as SI

4. X-Ray

German physicist Roentgen discovered "X-rays" in 1895. When he used electrons emitted from the cathode of a vacuum tube to hit a "metal target", it happened to cause a nearby "fluorescent substance" to unexpectedly glow. He believed that the hit metal target must have reflected some kind of "invisible light" with great energy. Although this light cannot be seen by the naked eye, it can stimulate the fluorescent material to emit "visible light" again.This "invisible light" itself also sensitizes the film. Because Roentgen knew nothing about this unheard-of "light", he named it "X-ray". Roentgen was awarded the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901. The principle of "X-ray" is that when a substance is impacted by a large amount of external energy, the electrons in the inner orbital of its atoms are likely to be excited and jump out of the atoms to escape, so that the outer electrons have the opportunity to fall to fill up vacancy.The excess energy of this high-order electron is emitted in the form of light, which is "X-ray". In the printed circuit board industry, "X-ray" can play a see-through function in the alignment of the multi-layer board and the compensation alignment of the tool hole before drilling. X-rays can also be made into "X-Ray Diffraction Camera", which can emit X-rays to shoot samples of unknown substances, and then refracted from the negative film, through the interpretation of various specific diffraction patterns (such as Corona, halo, etc.) Helo, Ring, Points, etc.), which can be qualitatively analyzed, which is called "X-ray diffraction analysis".

5.IEC International Electrotechnical Commision

In addition to IPC, the International Electrotechnical Commission is another publishing unit of important international specifications for circuit boards. And it has also actively implemented IECQ (International Electronic Component Qualification System) recently, which is a professional quality certification system for the electronics industry. The current domestic competent unit is the "Electronic Inspection Center" (ETC). There is an introduction to the non-profit pcb organization in the FS technology blog, you can watch it if you are interested.



On film-like or chip-like components (such as resistors or capacitors, etc.), the length, width or shape can be trimmed by laser beam or sandblasting, and the micro-refinement to the required value is called trimming.

7.Job Shop Professional Factory

For example, a factory that specializes in the production of circuit boards, treats circuit boards as commodities, and takes circuit board manufacturing as its main business, is called Job Shop. It is different from Captive shop, which is a subsidiary factory of a large corporation. FS PCBA is a comprehensive PCB company, including PCB assembly, PCB manufacturing, PCB testing services, etc.